Elite Lighting is a leader in development, design, and production of the widest selections of lighting products and patented designs in the industry. The company has heavily invested in research and development to offer sustainable eco-friendly solutions to the ever-changing lighting industry. Elite is committed to offering the highest efficiency lighting products that will meet strict energy codes and restrictions; it also offers a complete line of Energy Star and Title 24 rated compact fluorescent down-lights and under cabinet fluorescent products. The company’s commitment to product quality and service excellence earns us our leadership role as the Elite Source for Architectural Lighting.


Smart White is a tunable white technology that allows you to color tune your space without compromising delivered light levels all while maintaining CRI of 90+ across the tunable range of 5000K to 2700K.

Smart White


Smart dimming is a new technology designed to mimic traditional incandescent dimming. Using Smart Dim, you can dim smoothly from 3000K to 1800K over the black body radiator curve.

Smart Dim


Smart Hue is a RGB + tunable white lighting technology. Smart Hue can change a space’s atmosphere by manipulating the color temperature of the room. One of the fascinations with natural light is the way that the color temperature changes over the course of time.

Smart Hue


Our Elite Lighting Technology Vibrant is the perfect solution for any application with precision color control or special purpose lighting application. Vibrant by FUSION is a high chromatic option in downlighting that enables a vivid appearance of color.


 1% Dimming Up to 8000 Lumen