What “Tunable White” is?

Smart White is a tunable white LED technology, capable of providing alternatives for the new generation of lighting. With the use of tunable white LEDs, the correlated color temperature (CCT) can be altered, while maintaining a CRI of 90+ across the tunable range of 5000K to 2700K. The process of controlling the Color Tuning option is achieved be dedicating two 0-10V inputs; one for the dimming control, the other for CCT tuning. The result provides the end user the ability to make it personalized by editing their own lighting experience within a space. This is achieved by combining white LEDs and colored LEDs to create the desired results where correct color is critical, such as retail, health care and hospitality. Whether your lighting task is to enhance jewelry in a retail store, provide a more inviting atmosphere to healthcare and senior living, or enhance the richness of finishes in hospitality spaces, the flexibility of this technology provides a wide range of options.