What “Smart Hue” is?

Smart Hue is a RGB + tunable white lighting technology. Smart Hue can change a space’s atmosphere by manipulating the color temperature of the room. One of the fascinations with natural light is the way that the color temperature changes over the course of time. For instance, the temperature is warm at sunrise, cool at noon high, and warm again by sunset. With Smart Hue, you can mimic the daylight patterns in indoor space with electric light or change gradients of saturated colors from 1 – 100% of RGB that can be added to color points within the tuning range. Having a 0 -100% range you can offer 100 different gradients of color over the saturation range. Using Smart Hue technology you can create a more contrasting environment, which is perceived to be more exciting to the brain and helps people adjust their moods accordingly. In warm color temperatures, we tend to relax and in cool color temperatures, we tend to get invigorated with energy. Shed new light on any retail space, enhance product presentation, and create a better customer experience with SMART HUE. Among the newest innovations from MAXILUME by ELITE LIGHTING, SMART HUE’s ground-breaking technology allows you to fine tune the color spectrum or choose different Kelvin temperatures to produce over 100 hues at the touch of a button or your Smart Phone. Because different colors and materials are best captured in the right light, SMART HUE’s technology will allow you to captivate customers like never before. SMART HUE enables you to coordinate the colors of any environment to match your marketing campaign for every season and event without ever changing a lighting fixture.



RGB + Tunable White Technology


1650K to 6000K

Smart Hue + RGB offers 74 Lumens per watt delivered with a tunable white Color range of 1650K to 6000K as well as 1-100% color saturation controlled by a light Commissioning tool only. Smart Hue + RGB is an ideal application in key featured spaces such as lobbies or boardrooms or high tech classrooms.


Smart Hue Technology

Smart Hue